At D&T Wines, we import only from carefully selected areas, from farmers who represent their given area while keeping sustainability in mind. For this reason, we choose wines with low yield and very limited export. We believe the best products come from these small vineyards. It is our goal to introduce niche wine from Australia to Denmark, in an attempt to bring these two countries closer together. Having the market flooded with intense full-bodied reds, we have chosen a more cool-climate approach from Victoria. We believe these wines suit Danish weather and cuisine considerably better. 

Due to our location being set in Copenhagen, we have the opportunity of offering our wines to restaurants, wine boutiques, wine bars and everything in between. We offer exclusivity on all our wine and wish to keep it that way. In addition, we offer what we think is the best wine from the respective region. Mornington Peninsula has fantastic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while other varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Gris and Shiraz are capable to compete with any European wine with ease. 

The business is managed by Thomas (father) and David (son). Initially, David travelled to Australia and found employment working with local wine on Mornington Peninsula in 2016. After returning to Denmark in 2017, he hatched the idea of importing these cool-climate wines to Denmark. Shortly after, Thomas joined his son and together they established D&T Wines. Receiving support from friends and family, the business is now growing, and we are seeking new customers with an interest in our wines.